Every Moment, New


Our life is full of fresh starts.  Some we look forward to with anticipation and hope for our future; others we reluctantly slog towards, knowing things will never be the same.

Some we plan for; others we are dragged towards.

But all fresh starts have one thing in common: they hold within them the impetus for change.  And it’s okay to look back on those crossroad moments and reflect on whether reality met up with our hopes and dreams – or not.  But when we stay in that same place too long – when we turn away from the next fresh start because the last one left us too scarred to move on – that is when we lose our way in life.

Every year, for eons and eons, life on earth has followed a set-in-stone pattern in which spring follows winter; summer follows spring; autumn follows summer; and winter follows autumn.  It is the cycle of this planet and the cycle of our lives.  We start out new, we grow and flourish, we begin the descent, and then we die.  For some, this cycle takes mere moments; for others – decades.  We do not get to choose how long the circle of life will last but we do get to choose how to live each moment within the journey that makes up our lifetime.

You can spend it planning and scheming, contemplating and worrying, reflecting and remembering – or you can let go and let each moment be exactly what it is supposed to be.

Pick up that foot that is holding you in your past.  Pull Back the foot that is dragging you into your future.  Set them both down here, now.   Plant your feet beneath you and let them be your anchor.  Don’t worry that you won’t get to where you’re going; you will.  Watch where life will take you.  Be open to the changes as they come…

Because every moment can be new; every moment a fresh start.


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